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Maleum's Crucible.jpg

Director:  Brandon L. Pennick 

Writer:  Brandon L. Pennick 

Genre:  Dark Fantasy, Psychological Thriller 

"A Game Beyond Reality, A Journey Beyond Death." Jo

In the shadowy realms between life and death, "Maleum's Crucible" follows the journey of Olen Trudord, a daring necromancer thirsting for mastery over perception manipulation. Desperate for guidance, Olen summons the spirit of Maleum, a 17th-century philosopher steeped in the mysteries of metaphysics. As Olen delves into Maleum's spectral domain, he is thrust into a harrowing trial—a crucible of three metaphysical puzzles, each a test of intellect and resolve crafted by the cunning spirit. With each puzzle solved, Maleum imparts profound insights into the manipulation of perception, weaving a web of secrets and revelations that blur the lines between reality and illusion. Yet, as Olen's journey unfolds, he discovers that Maleum harbors a hidden agenda, shrouded in deception and ambition. As the necromancer's pursuit of power collides with Maleum's insidious machinations, a sinister truth emerges-one that threatens to consume Olen's very soul. Combining elements of dark fantasy, psychological thriller, and supernatural intrigue, "Maleum's Crucible" weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of ambition, deceit, and the shadowy interplay between the living and the dead.

Director:  Brandon L. Pennick 

Writer:  Brandon L. Pennick 

Genre:  Horror-Mystery


TV-14  18 minutes 

Nestled amid the tranquil embrace of Massachusetts' verdant countryside, Helen Rowan, a retired costume designer, seeks respite in a rustic farmhouse, yearning to escape the cacophony of urban life. Yet, her sanctuary soon becomes a theater of unease as unsettling events unfurl, shattering the peace she so desperately craved. Driven by an insatiable curiosity, Helen ventures into the depths of the farmhouse's past, only to unearth a spine-chilling secret concealed for generations.


Cast: Lisa Crosthwait, Chloë Caro, Megan Franich, Donna Gafford, Charlie Hodges,

Sara McNinch, David Gallardo, Colin Helpio 

Distributed by : OTT Studio, Herogo TV, Future Today, WeShort, Popflick  

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