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Brandon L. Pennick (Writer-Director)


Born and raised in Austin, TX, Brandon studied English Creative Writing at Texas State University and earned certifications in Film Production Technology and Film Production Management at Austin Community College Northridge. After interning with the Emmy Award-winning production agency Alpheus Media, Brandon founded Tourbillion Films.

Brandon also worked as a writer-director and cinematographer on music videos for independent recording artists under Blaqueline Entertainment | Magazine.

Currently, Brandon is in pre-production on his new film, Through The Mist of Madness, a thriller about mental illness modeled after the 1940's cartoon Tom and Jerry.


"It’s the littlest decisions that shape our lives. Stray off course by just two millimeters, and your trajectory changes; what seemed like a tiny, inconsequential decision then can become a mammoth miscalculation now." 

—Darren Hardy, The Compound Effect

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