After interning with Emmy-Award-winning production company Alpheus Media, Brandon started Tourbillion Films, and in 2020 wrote and directed the short horror film Sedalia and published the horror anthology, Fragments of Nightmares: Tales of the Supernatural.  


Born and raised in the live music capital of the world, Brandon Pennick got his directorial start, writing and directing music videos for Blaqueline Entertainment & Magazine. Brandon studied English Creative Writing Emphasis at Texas State University and earned certifications in Film Production Technology and Film Production Management at Austin Community College Northridge.


Brandon L. Pennick | Writer-Director 


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"It’s the littlest decisions that shape our lives. Stray off course by just two millimeters, and your trajectory changes; what seemed like a tiny, inconsequential decision then can become a mammoth miscalculation now." 

—Darren Hardy, The Compound Effect