Writer-Director Brandon L. Pennick

Tourbillion Films is an independent horror film and publishing company founded by writer-director, Brandon Pennick in the spring of 2016 while finishing up his film studies at Austin Community College Northridge in Austin, TX.


Having also studied art history and creative writing at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX, Brandon developed his narrative style and film technique by combining various elements from literature, fine art (painting), and classical Hollywood.


Simplicity and the two contradicting art and literary movements, realism, and surrealism influence his style; he is also a fan of painters, Andrew Wyeth (realism), and Hieronymus Bosch (surrealist before surrealism).   

Prior to the development of Tourbillion Films, Brandon wrote, directed and worked as a cinematographer on music videos and worked as a digital colorist on the short comedy, Braver Than You Believe (2017), which screened at The Big Easy International Film Festival, Alamo City Film Festival, Direct Short Online Film Festival (winner), Tender Heart Film Festival, and The Monthly Film Festival.  


"Your whole duty as a writer is to please and satisfy yourself, and the true writer always plays to an audience of one. Start sniffing the Trend Machine, and you are as good as dead, although you may make a nice living."

– E.B. White, The Elements of Style


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