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TV-14  Horror, Short • 2021 • 18 minutes • Streaming: WeShort, Popflick

Following her retirement as a costume designer, Helen Rowan finds solace in a picturesque farmhouse nestled within the serene Massachusetts countryside. However, the tranquility is abruptly disrupted by a series of unsettling events that compel Helen to embark on a journey into the history of her new abode. Little does she know, the farmhouse has harbored a long-held secret for many years.


Director: Brandon L. Pennick 

Cast: Lisa Crosthwait, Chloë Caro, Megan Franich, Donna Gafford, Charlie Hodges,

Sara McNinch, David Gallardo, Colin Helpio 


San Francisco Indie Short Festival - Best Horror Short (2021) 

Cult Movies International Film Festival - Best Short Crime (2021)

Battle for The Arts Sealy - Best of Fest Short (2022),  Best Horror/Suspense (2022)

Toronto Independent Film Festival of CIFT - Best Horror Short (2022)

4TH Dimension Independent Film Festival (2022) - Best Horror Film (2022) 

London Indie Short Festival - Best Director (2022) 

Official Selections: 

Filmocracy Fest (2021) - Los Angeles, CA

Fire Island Film Festival (2021) - Fire Island, NY

Dead Northern Horror Film Festival (2021) - North Yorkshire, England  

South Texas International Film Festival (2021) - Edinburg, TX

Holly Weird Film Festival (2022) - Hollywood, CA 

Ealing Film Festival (2022) - London, England 

Tucson Terror Fest (2022) - Tucson, AZ

Breaking TV Film Festival (2023) - London, England  

Retro Avant Garde Venice (2023) - Venice, Italy


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