SEDALIA (2020) - (in post-production)

DIRECTOR:  Brandon L. Pennick

SCREENWRITER:  Brandon L. Pennick

GENRE:  Horror/Mystery


Stuck in limbo after committing self-murder, a woman’s spirit must convince a member of the living (through haunting) to find her corpse and give it a proper interment in order to be absolved and freed from limbo.

Cast: Lisa Crosthwait (Helen Rowan), Chlöe Caro (Sedalia), Devin Wilkerson (Overseer of Limbo), 

Donna Gafford (Mrs. Morgan), Charlie Hodges (Priest), Megan Franich (Detective Langley), David Gallardo (Detective Martin, Sara McNinch (Forensic Investigator), and Colin Help (Forensic Investigator)

Runtime: 20min

Sedalia Poster #2 .tiff

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