Sedalia Poster.tiff
SEDALIA (2020) - (in post-production)

DIRECTOR:  Brandon L. Pennick

SCREENWRITER:  Brandon L. Pennick

GENRE:  Horror/Mystery


Newly retired costume designer, Helen Rowan moves into a small farmhouse in the Massachusetts countryside; all is quiet until a string of paranormal events prompts Helen to research the home’s history. Connecting the dots between her research and two vivid nightmares, Helen discovers the fifty-three-year-old corpse of Sedalia Veer. 

Cast: Lisa Crosthwait (Helen Rowan), Chlöe Caro (Sedalia), Devin Wilkerson (Overseer of Limbo), 

Donna Gafford (Verna Morgan), Charlie Hodges (Priest), Megan Franich (Detective Langley), David Gallardo (Detective Martin), Sara McNinch (Forensic Photographer), Colin Helpio (Forensic Investigator), and Leanne Rivers (Robin Burke)

Runtime: 18min

Budget: $8,000

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